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Dos ferrocarriles en la Isla Grande de Chiloé

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1 Detalles de la ruta

2 Mapa y perfil

3 Máquinas chilenas de trocha 60cm

4 Esquemas de las máquinas

5 Memorias antes la construcción

6 Memorias de los años de la construcción

7 Memorias de los años más tarde

8 Adquisición del material rodante

9 Mapa Linares a Colbún

10 Mapa Capitán Pastene

11 Mas fotos Cap Pastene

12 Mas fotos Chillán

13 Mapa del FC Militar

14 Reliquias del FCM

15 Mas fotos del FCM

Appendix 15 – FC Militar additional photos

These images show first the locomotives, then other rolling stock, and finally locations up the line.

1 Jung 0-6-2T no. 4 – the surviving loco ‘Panchita’ – attached to one of the Socometal coaches, possibly at Puente Alto.


2 The Henschel 0-6-0T, no. 3 ‘Colbún’ on a passenger train. This loco certainly survived until 1920, but its date of withdrawal is not known.


3 This seems to be the O&K 0-6-2T, as close examination suggests that the tanks slope downward at the front. The bufferbeam is also of a different style to that on the Jung locos.


4 One of the small O&K 0-8-0Ts purchased by the army in 1914 stands on a wooden trestle. The location is unknown, but presumably the army may have had sidings or other tracks at Puente Alto for their own training purposes. There is a pile of track panels to the right.


5 Another view of one of the small 0-8-0Ts.


6 A double-headed train on one of the viaducts, possibly headed by two of the O&K 0-8-0Ts.


7 The big O&K Meyer 0-6-6-0T no. 7 is seen here in a damaged photo probably at Puente Alto.


8 The Meyer is seen again, on a long up train at San José de Maipo.


9 One of the Deutz diesels heads a train including a van and a metal coach.


10 A pair of bus-carrils are seen out on the line in this early 1960s image by Ryan Stansifer. It is not know how many of these railcars were in use, but the nearest one is clearly numbered 4.


11 A much earlier photo shows passengers waiting forthe departure of a rake of the Koppel well-framed coaches, presumably from San José de Maipo station if the partial caption is to be believed.


12 Around the time of the closure, a rake of vans are seen lying semi-derelict at an unknown location.


13 An early ‘auto-carril’ seen here with a train of open wagons carrying soldiers in the background.


14 A group of visitors pose on a pair of flat trolleys at Los Queltehues.


15 This seems to how a military ceremony or memorial service taking place near the main entrance to the barracks at Puente Alto, but more relevantly it shows the 60cm gauge track arriving in the background from Puente Alto station at the plaza. It is thought that the mainline line may have been the track going out of picture bottom right, ie. the track on which the band are standing in this photo.


16 Another of the bridges crossing one of the many tributaries of the Río Maipo is seen here in this recent photo (photographer unknown).


17 An early phsoto howing passengers waiting at the station at San José de Maipo.


18 A picture from the magazine ‘Sucesos’ showing the station at San Gabriel.


19 The station of San Alfonso, originally named estacion Cabeza de Ternera. The turntable pit is still clearly visible here, ads is the station building as seemn on the previous page.


20 A view along the trackbed at El Ingenio, soon after the closure of the line (photographer unknown)



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